Friday, May 9, 2008

It'll Be a Busy Weekend.

Lu Ann and Dan are coming to town this weekend. Not necessarily because of Mother's Day, but because there is a reception for George and his new bride, it's bride #5. So, it will be a busy one.

Cleaned house all day. Need to mow the grass, but it was too wet. Mike Prangley says it'll work tomorrow. I hope it dries soon enough that I can get it mowed and to church by 4:30.

If I remember correctly, Gene is to help me on Sunday. Yet, I thought Lori said he has to work on Sunday. Hummm.....maybe she said he works Saturday? Oh, well!! I need a couple of items moved inside the house. They are just too heavy for me. I don't need to have another surgery on my back. Also, need to have some things hauled home so I can fix the yard. No rest for the whicked.

Farmers Market is tomorrow. I would like some rhubarb. Yum, yum...

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