Monday, May 12, 2008

A Nice Weekend

Last week was pretty nice (except for the headache) and this weekend just topped it off. Tom and Sherry took me out to brunch at Riehle's. Don and Marilyn joined us, along with Marilyn's sister. (Sorry, I can't remember her name. She and her daughter own the two Merle Norman stores in town.)

Lu Ann and Dan came to visit before they headed for home. Doug brought me some flowers. Steve called before he went to work at Zydeco's.

Saturday a.m., I went down to the Farmer's Market. I wanted some asparagus and rhubarb. Got both. Fixed the asparagus when I got home and ate it all. I will cook down the rhubarb. Jerry would eat it on ice cream. Wow!!

When I got home I straightened the kitchen, ran the dishwasher. About noon I started working in the yard. The grass was so tall in spots, it didn't get dry enough to mow. But did it anyway. Stopped to empty the grass bag more often because of it. Then went to church at 4:30.

Need to take Snooks for a walk this morning. Didn't yesterday because it rained all day. I'm trying to "build" a little space in my back yard for all the flowers.....lilac bushes (1 lilac, 1 white) the peonies from the farm, clamitis,' a whisteria, and something else, I just can't remember.

I'm considering a lawn decoration or two. Just don't know what yet. Decisions, decisions!!!


Sarah said...

My peonies from the farm finally hae buds on them! This is the first year I'll get blooms. I can't wait!

Anna May said...

Glad your peonies are going to bloom. If you have ants in the yard, you'll be okay. It's the ants that gets those blooms to open. Jerry would put an insect killer on the yard. And until he moved out, I wasn't able to have any peonies. Maybe it's a good thing he left.

I also got a start of the big lilac bush. Chico has a white lilac that the start came from the farm. I went out last fall and got a start of that one. Then there is that old, old rose bush. It has the most beautiful bloom on it. I have some of that growning also. I feel quite lucky to have all that.