Monday, May 19, 2008

Long time, no post!!

I realize it's been awhile. Sorry, folks. When I'm going to be out-of-town, I don't like to put it in a post. So, now that I'm back, I'll tell you how it was.

Thursday morning, my computer decided to not work. I tried to fix it, but it proved not to be a quick fix. So, had to wait till today, because there was too much going on till now. Sorry.

At noon that day, there was an all school St. Francis luncheon. I went to the first one they had four years ago. The food was delicious and it was a lot of fun. The next year they had it on a week day, and since I was still working, I didn't go. Last year they had it scheduled for a day in February. I responded positively. Then, because of the almost zero temperature, they posponed it till March. Well, I was on my trip to see Uncle Ray and Aunt Evelyn. So, didn't make that one. Now this year it was on a day when I could go.

Boy, was I disappointed. It was mainly a pitch for money for the things they want to do to CC. Now, a pitch for money is fine, but I didn't think that was the place. Also, the food (what bite or two each person had) was good. But, I came home and made myself a sandwich. It just may be a looooong time before I go again.

Then on Friday morning Snookums and I left for Lu Ann's. Nice trip over. Her church was having their Mother/Daughter Banquet that evening. The food, this time, was a lot more and better, even. On Saturday we did a little shopping. Late that afternoon their church has (once a month) a "picnic" at this couple's house for all the new members of their church so they can get to know some of the others. I guess there isn't much time at church to visit and get to know others. A very nice happening, anyway.

I met one older lady at this gathering, that retired about a year ago. She's never done much traveling. A super nice lady. I told her I was looking for a traveling companion. I asked Lu Ann to kinda check on her and see if she is really willing to do this. I'll wait to hear from Lu Ann.

The trip back was not a nice one for either Snookums or me. I don't know what her problem was, but she barked most of the way. Even with the pill I gave her. It was raining when we started out. Stopped after about an hour. Then sunshine for quite a while. Then clouds. That's fine with me. I don't squint so much.

Got home bout 2:3o. Unpacked. Snooks was glad to be back home.

This a.m. I was able to get my computer going again, thanks to Daniel. It isn't fixed right. He is coming over Wednesday evening to do just that. Hope it works.

So, I spent at least an hour catching up on emails and reading the blogs. Then I mowed the grass. You know, most people say, "I mowed the yard." Now, if you did that, what would the yard look like. It is actually the grass that grows and needs mowed.

Okay, I'll quit. Bye.

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