Sunday, May 4, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!!!!!

Yes, today was my birthday. And it turned out to be a very nice day. Before I tell you about it I must tell you about Steve.

Steve lives in Mooresville and has been working for his friend selling soft-ware to drop zones. Even writing the manuals. But. this isn't working very well right now, so Steve started working as a waiter at a local restaurant. A very different type of food, a lot like New Orleans. And the inside of the restaurant depicks that also. About 4 weeks ago he told me they had started serving brunch on the first Sunday of each month.

Now, Mike and Pam, my friends, have done several nice things for me and I decided this would be a great way to pay them back. And the first time I could take them was today. So, I pick them up at 9:45 and we got there about 11:10. They were really impressed, with the food and the place. And Steve does his job really well. He really knows how to pour it on!!

Steve told me before I went that everyone at the restaurant knew it was my birthday. So, when I got my desert it had a lit candle in it and the band played "Happy Birthday." He told everyone I was 21. (I wonder what he wants?)

When I got home, I fell asleep in the chair. Woke up just in time to go to the Bach Choral performance at 4. When I got home I had three phone calls. Tom, Steve and Rocky had all called. My adopted daughter had left me a card on the front porch. Then Lu Ann called while I was in the shower. Earlier in the week, Doug and Karmine were here and they wished me a good day then. So, the only one I haven't heard from is Geno. (I wonder if he worked today?)

Uncle Ray called too. How nice. He said to tell everyone "Hi" for him. They are doing well. Their computer is down and Aunt Evelyn is after him to get it going. I guess she has trouble sleeping sometimes, and when she gets up she gets on the computer to occupy her time.

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