Wednesday, May 7, 2008

No Headache this Morning!!

My headache started going away about 6:30 or so last evening. About 3:30 I made myself a Margarita. I don't know if that's what did it or what. But, I'm glad it gone. Didn't get to B&N either. Sorry, Annie, I just couldn't do it.

The weather looks awful, but we really need the rain. So, I'm not complaining, at least not too much. It will give me time to get to the store and buy what I need to finish the projects I have going. When the rain is over, I get to go to work. Yea!


Anonymous said...

Anna May: I'm so glad that your head-ache is better. But be very careful if you get another one like that. You really need to get your blood pressure checked (not the gadgets that they have at the drugstore!). I had awful headaches and didn't realize I had high blood pressure until I had the first heart attack. Also, head-aches can be a sign of an oncoming stroke. So don't just sluff if off. Remember the five words that can kill you : Maybe it will go away."

Anonymous said...

PS A good stiff drink can also work wonders on any number of things! :)

If you like Margaritas you should come over sometime this summer and we will sit on my back porch, drink margaritas and listen to the waterfall....pretty sweet.

Anna May said...

Well, Roseanna, one day this summer I may just take you up on that offer of a margarita. I love them.

I have a lot of popping and cracking and grinding going on in my neck. My chiropractor helps with that. But, it seems to be getting worse. And, yes, I did think about going to a doctor about all of this. I just never have headaches. So, am keeping track of all of it. Thanks for the tip.