Friday, October 31, 2008

A Good Halloween it was!

On Tuesday I had lunch with Mike Lockard. Mike has done some painting over the years and I figured that he would be able to help me with painting a clown face for me. For some reason, I've never been able to come up with a good face to go with my outfit. Well, what he painted was okay. However it didn't thrill me all that much. But what it did do was to give me an idea or two. So, tonight I dressed up for Halloween. The first time in three years. So, it was a treat. Now I have to shower and wash the green color out of my hair.

For about 5 years I've been trying to catch Mike and Pam at home on Halloween. No luck. So, I did catch Pam at home tonight, Mike was out of town. What fun.

After I left there, I went to Doug and Karmine's. Levi and Karli were having a halloween party and I decided to crash it. It was cute to see all the kids dressed up. Steve and Brita were there. At first Steve didn't know who I was until I laughed. He could hardly believe his eyes. Oh, well!

I think Halloween is more fun than Christmas.

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