Sunday, October 26, 2008

They Don't know Louie, do they???

Last evening after 4:30 mass, I went to O'Charley's to get supper. When I go places like this, I usually sit at the bar. First, it doesn't mean the these days what it did when I was young, and, I take up only one spot as apposed to a table where about three spaces are wasted.

There was a stool at the end and a young lady said this place was not taken. "Sit with us," she said. There were three ladies, two somewhat younger than the third. We kidded each other a couple of times, and when I left I thanked them for their "company." The one lady said they were from Crawfordsville. And, yes, they know Louie. The one lady's son is a good friend of Austin's. How funny is that?!!

So I gave each of them my business card and they thanked me. None sew, so maybe I'll get their business. Didn't get any names either. So, don't ask. Oh, well.

I found a used snow blower on Craig's List that I'm going to go look at on Monday evening. Doug said he'd go with me.

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Anonymous said...

Funny you should tell that story. One day Andy and I were eating at our locale diner and there were two bikers in there that were passing through. One word led to another and we found out they were from C'ville. When asked if they knew Lou, they laughed. One of them was his Insurance Agent! It really is a small world when you find someone passing through Sidell that knows Lou.