Thursday, February 21, 2008

Roseanna answered yesterday's post. Thanks for the tip, Roseanna. I went back in my settings and there was something about hiding comments. I changed it to "show." Maybe this will correct it. I'm going to email the museum and ask what the kind of knitting is all about or if the work "subversive" has another meaning.

Tom and Sherry came over last evening and helped me bathe Snookums. Will be taking her to the Vet this afternoon. Today is my volunteer day. Later I heard a cat outside my front window. It must be mating season. Then when I took Snookums outside before I went to bed, it, or they, had killed a rabbit. There was rabbit fur all over my drive. I guess I need to get the Animal Warden out here. The new city ordenance states that when the cat is off the owner's property, that the cat must be under the owner's control. The cats I see, clearly aren't under the owner's control. They are just running loose. Cats are more difficult to catch. What I need to do is turn Snookums loose.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Roseanna, maybe it will show when someone has left a comment. Want to try it?

Anonymous said...

Testing, Testing. I forgot to tell you that my new puppy's name is Maizie.

Anonymous said...

Nope. That didn't work. It still says that comments must have the owner's approval. But how can you approve the comment until you know it is there?

Anna May said...

Hey, Roseanna, one day I will have to stop and see your little puppy. Sounds like a cutie. You don't need a guard dog, only one that will let you know when something strange is happening so you can check it out.