Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm still learning!

The comments now show up on the blog. I went to where they are, clicked the box in front of each comment, then clicked "publish." So, now they show.

Had a little excitement out front this afternoon. A fellow driving a van, came around the curve from the south and apparently lost control. I didn't see it happen. Snookums started barking and I went to the window to see. He had slid to the right, ended up across the street in the neighbor's drive sliding side-ways. Then slid side-ways far enough that he took out the mailbox. I called the fellow that live there, and the cops. It took the officer the longest time.......he just sat out there and sat. Finally the neighbor lady (who was out with her two kids) called me to tell me the fellow didn't have a driver's license. The van is still parked across the street. I wonder if he'll come back and drive it home??!!!!

The driver of the van had to get the jack out of his car to get himself off the base of the mailbox. It was one of those boxes on a cement stand. It broke the post and box off, but he was stuck on the stand.

Lu Ann's birthday was the 13th. I sent it about 4 days before. I got it back today. I didn't put the Zip on it. I'll have to call her tonight to tell her it was my fault. Rocky will get his before she gets hers. Am I getting old, or what?

About the time the fellow ran into the mailbox, UPS delivered a package to my door. It should have gone to a house on Dover CT. So, I called UPS and they wanted my phone number. I said no. Well, about an hour and a half later, they got it. Now, did they need my phone number????

Hey, Roseanna, I haven't heard from the museum in Indy. Whenever I do, I will let you know.

For those of you who are eating fish on Fridays, Culver's has a good piece of fish. It's Walleye. I got the sandwich today and didn't eat the bread. It was really good. But, Culver's make a Ruben sandwich and it's the best one I've eaten. And if you are old enough, ask for the senior discount.

Tom came and shoveled my walk and drive awhile ago. There is more snow on it. It is to stop anytime now.

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