Thursday, February 28, 2008

Only Chatting today.

All the comments are now visible. I discovered where they were and have clicked the right place for them to now show. So, Roseanna, your comments are now visible.

Yes, I was with Annie yesterday when her little angle didn't like something. The tears were just streaming down her face. I have seen her when she was awake and just really smiling....really big. She is a very sweet little lady. But, Annie, we'll have to try that again sometime.

I'm on the downward side of that afghan I talked about in early January. It has been giving me fits. It took me about three weeks to get it where it is. Then I started to have lots of problems. So, I put it aside for about another three weeks. Picked it up about 3 days ago. It's coming along, but it's just not easy. I gave this pattern to a lady in Crawfordsville and have been in contact with her via email. She also said that it is the most difficult pattern she's ever encountered. So, I guess it's not just me. I won't ever make another one like that.

Tom did well on Tuesday. I talked to him after he got home. He said it took Dr. Hagen 9 minutes on that hand. Once he got in there he discovered that it was a really tight situation. And he had to go slow and be very careful. It took him only 7 minutes on my hands. So, it must have really, really been tight. In about six months, he'll be really glad he had it done and that it is all over.

Sue, a lady at the Sheriff's Office, asked me this morning if I'd crochet her some dish cloths. Mom made them all the time. I looked for a pattern for them in mom's stuff. Just didn't find one. Another lady there has more than one pattern, so she is going to bring one to me. How do I get myself into these situations??

Tomorrow I'm having lunch with Pam. Must remember that it's a day of abstinence. The first Friday of Lent I forgot. So, I fasted and abstained on Saturday. Not the way it is to be done, but, hey, when ya get old.....well.....what was I talking about???? Picked up my taxes today, so need to mail them tomorrow. Also need to go to the grocery. I've had someplace to go every day this week. I don't know if that's good or bad. There were some days this winter that my car didn't leave the driveway for four days in a row. Maybe that's one of the reasons why I didn't like this winter.


Anonymous said...

Anna May: I have some patterns for knitted and crocheted dish cloths. But you can just type in crocheted dish cloths on Google and get as many as you want. I got mine from the Lion Brand Yarn website.

Anna May said...

Thanks, Roseanna, I'll try that. Why didn't I think of that.

I made one last night off the "top of my head." I think it's really pretty. But, I like bright colors and that's what I had. The person I made it for, may not think so. Oh, well.