Sunday, February 24, 2008

Boy, was I mistaken!!

On my February 21st post, I mentioned that a cat had killed a rabbit and my driveway was covered in rabbit fur. Well, I've since determined it wasn't a rabbit that was killed. When I found the fur, it was the first thing in the morning, it was just beginning to get daylight, there was a HUGE amount of it, and since I had heard the cats the night before I just assumed it was a rabbit. As I would open and close the garage door, some of that fur would drift into the garage. Well the morning I decided to take a closer look at a piece of fur. It's not rabbit fur, it's cat fur. I don't see wild black rabbits. I don't know what got that cat, but the cat was black. And, because of the amount of fur that was lost, I'd guess that it's dead.

Saw Levi last evening. After church I decided to have a salad at Arni's on 350 south. He busses tables and I believe he does some dishes too.

In St. Boniface bulletin there is a mass for mom and dad next Sunday at 9;30 a.m. That's for those who don't already know.

Today I'm going to take Snookums for her walk and then get my tax stuff ready. I haven't yet done that awful chore. Ughhh!!


Annie said...

Awwwww!!!!! Poor cat!!!!!!

Annie said...

Also, thanks for the tip about the mass; I never remember to get a bulletin so I wouldn't have known. Now I'll make sure we try to go!

Anonymous said...

Anna May: Gene and I did see the announcement in the bulletin. Luckily enough, we are NOT scheduled to be Extraordinary Ministers at 4:30 that week-end. It seems we are scheduled 3 weeks out of 4, and I am lector on the fourth one! But we will be able to go to 9:30 next week. Thanks for letting everyone know, though, as most of the others don't go to
St. Boniface. Roseanna
PS It still says that the blog author must approve comments and I don't see any of mine. I REALLY do read your blog every day, it just doesn't seem like it because my comments never show up!!