Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hope winter is over soon!!

Is it me, or is this a really bad winter? I haven't had any energy and just don't want to do anything. I'll be glad when we have some nice weather. I wonder how the people in Alaska do it. It's darker longer there than it is here. Yuk!!! I just looked outside, the snow is really coming down. It's sooo pretty. But, enough is enough.

I found more posts that weren't showing up. I've moved them to the post. Thanks to those who answer.

Tom is to have carpel tunnel surgery today. Now I don't have anyone to shovel my walks. Another reason to want the winter to be over. Geno is in Florida this week, so I understand. He has a dog now, also. A friend of Lori works where they rescue them and when they get too many, they put them down. She called and said that they were going to do a kill and she would like for this one to get a good home. So, Gene and Lori took it. How nice of them.

Steve called me a couple nights ago. He said that Jerry is doing much better. He's walking without a walker. Steve was on his way from Mooresville to Lafayette on Sunday when he called me. He thought that no one stayed with Jerry on Saturday night. He wasn't sure. So, things are improving, I guess. The only reason I check is for Steve. His back was broken several years ago, and even tho Jerry isn't a big person, it was still causing Steve some discomfort. So, like I said, it is because of Steve I check.

Glad to hear so many are going to be able to go to this mass. About a year ago there was to be a mass for mom and dad at 6:30 one morning. Gene and I went, but no priest showed up. This must be the one to make up for that one. I was told they would make it up. I don't like to go to this mass, but this is better than none. Does anyone know if there is anything else scheduled for this mass, like a wedding, or extra blessing, or a baptism, or whatever?

Last Friday someone ran into the mailbox across the street from me. That night they replaced the stand and the next morning (before the mailman came) they had a new box on the stand. I wish I knew what else they did to him. He was driving without a license. He also was hispanic. I think he was going to try to get away. No such luck.

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