Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My constant companion, Snookums


Annie said...

You did it! Ooooo, wait till I show Martin. He'll think Snookums is a beautiful creature!!

Anna May said...

Thanks. It isn't the best picture she's ever taken, but just as I started to click it, she turned her head my way. She doesn't like the camera. Every time I get it out, she starts to put her head down and go the other way. She weighs about 55 lbs. She was mistreated before I got her. She was also teased by some kids. I have to kinda watch what I do and how I treat her. A dog never forgets. She is a great watchdog. I can sleep with my windows open when the weather is right.

Anonymous said...

Maizie is about as big as Snookums' head. Does Snookums like other dogs? Maybe we could introduce them someday when Maizie has learned better house manners. I can't say that Maizie would be able to protect me from anything bigger than a mouse (and she would probably just play with the mouse), but she is great at snuggling and she is learning some tricks! I have a lot of fun with her.

Anna May said...

Lori and Gene want to introduce Max to Snookums also. Snooks wants to play with other dogs. She watches out my front window and barks and barks whenever another dog goes by. She wants to get out and play so bad. On the other hand, I'm not sure just how she plays. I know she got along just fine with the Terriers (there were 3) that lived where she stayed when I went to AZ. They told me the dogs got along just fine. The trainer watched her when I went to VA to see Carmen after Cole was born. She got along with her dogs.
However, whatever introductions happen will have to take place at the other dogs home. Snookums is too territorial. I'd like to see how she does. When I bring her to your house, I'll keep a short leash on her.
Thanks for the offer.