Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A busy week, this week.

There was confirmation at St. Mary's last night. Levi was confirmed. Man, that will make three times this week that I've gone to mass. Tomorrow is a holy day so that will make the third time. Wow! Am I getting holy or what??!!!!! Gene was his sponsor. He is also Levi's god-father. The church was full and the Hispanic's were there in full force.

The grass needs mowed later today. Have to do some shopping before I get home today. I've been neglecting the inside of the house. Need to clean that later on. No rest for the whicked. (Is that what I am?)

Didn't get to knit-night at B&N. Maybe next week. This Sunday I'm treating Mike and Pam. Those two do a lot of nice things for me. It's time I treat them. We are going to Zydeco's for brunch.

Have started another afghan. I finally finished the first one. I ripped out more than I left in there. It was not a nice one to do. It's very pretty, but not quite right. Altho I don't think anyone will know. One of these days maybe I'll post a picture of it.

The prom season is over or just about over. I've had only one prom dress to alter. Gene and Lori went to a benefit dance a couple weeks ago, and she had purchased a full length dress. She wanted it shortened. I shirred it up and it was really nice. She got lots of compliments on it. Her friend's dress needed fixed, so I did that one, too.

Now I need to get that dust ruffle done for a friend. I need to wrap my mind around that and figure out how I need to do it. Not an easy thing, but there is a solution. Just need to find it, and quickly.

Am doing my time at the jail today. Need to get going.


Anonymous said...

What, What!!! What Holy Day are you referring to? It is not Ascension Thursday. It wasn't the Annunciation. It certainly wasn't Pentocost. May 1st. is the feast of St. Joseph the Worker. The 29th. Was St. Teresa of Avila.....You know I never miss a Holy Day!!! What was're driving me crazy!!


Anna May said...

Yes, it is Ascension Thursday. I didn't mean to drive you crazy. Sorry. I'm planning on 8:15 mass. How about you, Roseanna?

Sarah said...

It was officially Ascension Thursday, but the obligation was moved to Sunday. Way to go, Mama, you're slipping! IIt's nine days before Pentecost -- isn't that what makes it the Ascension? It was also St. Joseph the worker.

Anna May said...

Oh well, it didn't hurt me to go. I should be doing this more often anyway.

And, yes, I'm getting old. When you are almost 70, you are old. Any time I forget anything, I blame it on a "senior moment." When one laughs as they say it, it makes the other person think they are really crazy. So, it all fits. He! He! He!