Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Frank, with Comcast, has been a big help!!

When I sopke with Frank yesterday, I was having trouble with my computer. So, later yesterday afternoon I finally got it straightened out. It came up with the Insight screen and features but my Comcast email address. So, now I'm quite happy. My credit card statement came today and there isn't any charge for cable this month. Yeah!!!!! He did just as he said he would do. Nice fellow. So, Frank, if you are reading this, a great big thanks to you!! Nice doin' business with you.

I now have another great-niece. No name yet.

I would complain about the cool weather, but then this summer I'll be complaining about the hot weather. I just can't be satisfied.

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ComcastCares said...

Happy to be of service! Feel free to call me anytime!

Congrats on your great niece. Wish the family well!

Frank Eliason