Saturday, April 26, 2008

It wasn't the Earthquake after all.

It looks like I was mistaken when I said the Snookums was bothered by the earthquake. Apparently that was the night I also opened the windows. Because, yesterday I opened the windows again, (had to shut them last evening when it began to rain) but she went out to the garage again to sleep. There are no windows open out there. When I went to bed, I had to shut all of them. She figured it out and came back to the bedroom sometime during the night. When I woke up, there she was. But, last year I opened windows and she didn't to that. So, why this year??? Sometimes I wish she could talk. Then there are times I'm glad she can't. Her bark can be startling enough.

Oh, Annie, I received a call from Lu Ann the other day. Her friend has a site on Etsy and does very well with it. She says it's cheaper than Ebay. It doesn't have the exposure, however. But, I thought I'd try it. I don't have everything figured out yet, but have set up the account, just need to learn to post the pictures and get the description right. Will let you know when it is ready to go. I remember you suggested that to me awhile back. So, lets hope it works. And thanks for that suggestion.

I've had a couple of requests recently for a copy of the Zink Tree. I always like that, because then I get to update their information.

It looks like a yucky day ahead. I guess all days can't be good ones.

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