Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Comcast saga continues.

Anything I've heard about Comcast isn't good. I've heard that there are some people at Insight that were very concerned when they heard that Comcast was buying them out. I haven't heard anything more to know how they are feeling about it today.

If you've read one or two of my previous blogs, you know that I haven't been happy Comcast and why. And, if you've kept track, you know that they have been in contact with me. The gentleman with whom I spoke said he credited my account for one months charges. Whenever my Credit Card statement comes, I'll be able to see that.

And, I've decided to go to Outlook for my email format. My address will not change, but the screen will now look different. It won't be the Comcast format. I was going to have to download the Comcast toolbar to get the features I liked with Insight. That will slow down my computer and didn't want to do that. I hope it won't be too difficult to get use to. I spoke with this gentleman this a.m. My computer was hanging up, so we had to continue it until i get it working right. It is doing good now, so will call him tomorrow and finish the procedure. He is a very nice person, and maybe he can be the person the will help give Comcast a better name. That would be nice. He listens to me, passes my suggestions on to the people that need to know. Maybe others ought to complain to Comcast. It couldn't hurt.

Over slept by two hours this a.m. and now everything I did today is off. My meals, just everything. Yuk!!!

About 9 this morning one lady called, the dress I'm altering for her daughter isn't finished and I thought I had more time to get it finished. Well, I've been working on it off and on most of the day. Need to finish it so she can send it to her daughter who goes to school in VA.

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