Sunday, April 20, 2008

Where did Snookums sleep last night????

Snookums slept in her bed last night. Yeah!!! It didn't take her too long to get over it.

Went to church last evening and then to the Bach Chorale Singers show. It made me late getting to bed and late getting up this a.m. Oh, well, I guess I'll live.

Janice Boes was there. She's been there in the past. I always speak to her. Nice lady

Doug left a message on my phone while I was gone last night. Karli is singing in a talent show at McCutcheon on Wednesday. They are charging $3 to get in. Doug was laughing on the phone, cause he knows how cheap I am. But, the county has a program where a senior citizen can get a pass to get into these school functions for free. But, since I live in the city, I can't get one. At the door, I'll ask for a senior discount. Ha! Ha! I've thought of applying for one of those passes and using Doug's address. I'll be up that creek if they ask for ID.

It would be nice if this weather would get just a little warmer. There are some parts of this country that need rain, and here we are, we can't get it to quit.

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