Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Knit night at Barnes & Noble

Last night I went to Barnes & Noble for the knit night. I've started another afghan and took that with me. Didn't get very far because I forgot to take the next color with me. When I arrived at the point I needed to change colors, I had to quit. Duh!! I had thought about the color change and went to get the next color, but as senior citizens sometimes do, I was distracted and didn't get it done.

Annie and Martin and little Anja were there. Martin's mother held Anja all the time I was there. At least until she had to leave. I can't go next week, Levi is being confirmed at St. Mary's. So I will need to be at this confirmation.

I remember before I was married, mother belonged to a sewing circle in the neighborhood. The ladies would mend, tat, knit, crochet or maybe darn, whatever needed to be done. Even tho I was only a teenager, I enjoyed that whenever it was mother's turn to be the hostess. Then after I had some kids, I started one of those in my neighborhood. That was about the time a lot of women started going to work. So, it didn't last very long. But, it was still a lot of fun.

And this at B&N was really nice because I didn't have to clean house, make sure I had something to eat or drink on hand. Did't even have to clean up after them when they left. How nice!

The weather has been very cooperative. I mowed my yard yesterday, even pulled a few weeds in the flowers. Have more weeds to go, it's just not my favorite thing to do. But it was nice to have that lovely day to do it.


Annie said...

You wouldn't guess it by looking at my yard, but I LOOOOOOVE pulling weeds. Once I start I can't stop. But I admit... it's the starting I find difficult!

Glad you were able to go last night! I forgot to tell you that that bread starter is already on day 5 now. I'd been squeezing it every day though.

Anna May said...

Okay, thanks. I thought it was day two. It's late, so will take care of it tomorrow.

I'm sorry I can't go next week.