Thursday, April 10, 2008

I have a new monitor!

Steve was here visiting on Monday. Nice of him. I was showing him something on the computer and he had a fit because I was having so much trouble reading the screen. Especially when I told him I'd been having trouble with my eyes. I was tired a lot, there were little squigglies sometimes, and just want to nap to fix it.

He mentioned his flat screen monitor and how big it is. So, he ordered me one online. It arrived today. And, I'm so happy with myself because I was able to hook it up without help......and it is working!! Now I don't have to lean forward to read it. Nice!!!!! And, thanks to Steve.

It's prom season here. I've had four dresses come in for minor alterations. It's been fun. Yesterday, early evening, a lady (who goes to St. B.) called me. She's been sewing all her life. Has made a business if it for several years. She is 85 and her eyesight is bad enough she now has to give it up. She wanted to know if I would want any of her machines or some of the other stuff she has accumulated over the years. (She said her sewing room looks like Neuwelts.) When she is ready for me, she is going to call me and I am going to go see what she has. She does have an embroidery machine that I just might be interested in. How about that.

Lately I've been looking at them, but just couldn't justify that much money. Hopefully hers will be what I want. Good things do come to those who wait. Well, hopefully, anyway.


Anonymous said...

Is that Helene Werle? She did alterations for me years ago.

Anna May said...

No, Roseanna, it's not Helene Werle. Sorry. Her first name is Jane. Don't know her last name. Sorry.

The new girl doing okay?