Friday, March 28, 2008

A Second post for today!!

I guess it pays to complain. My last couple of posts have been about how much I don't like Comcast. Remember the comment yesterday from someone at Comcast? After I posted this a.m. I emailed this person Well, I got a call from Comcast just a little bit ago. We talked for about 45 minutes and he was super nice. Helped me with my billing problem and even gave me a credit. He also told me about coupons coming out and how to take advantage of them. And, the one thing that Insight had that Comcast doesn't is when typing a message, that at the beginning of a sentance, the first letter is capitalized. And, also when typing the letter "I". He liked my suggestion and said that he is going to suggest it to the (I suppose he meant) programing people. (I can't remember the exact words he used. Sorry.) There are other things we discussed, but that was the most important.

My opinion has changed, (and maybe he's also reading this) I just hope I learn to continue to like it. There is nothing worse than not liking something you think you really need. I guess only time will tell.

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