Thursday, March 27, 2008

I don't like Comcast!!!!!!!!!!!!

Usually when I start with a new carrier, it takes me a little bit to become accustomed to their way of doing things. But, Comcast is really bad. The big problem is, none of us asked for Comcast. I wonder when they will deregulate cable.

My TV went out yesterday. Now I must wait for a repairman and he won't be here until next week. It is a good thing that Lori (Gene's wife) had talked me into getting the service agreement. They will come a fix it for nothing. But, since it's sitting in a wall unit, they want to send someone to pull it out and unhook it so they can get to it. And that would cost me. So, a friend of mine is going to come over that day and pull it out and unhook it so they can do what they have to do. I'm beginning to think this whole world is crooked.

Yesterday was beautiful and I got some yard work done. I'm almost ready for Chico to roll it. Have one section to clean up yet. If it's a nice day on Friday, maybe I can get that done.


ComcastCares1 said...

Hi Anna May,

On behalf of Comcast, I would like to apologize for the problems you are experiencing.

Please feel free to reach out to me so that I could work with my contacts in your area to help correct the problem you are experiencing.

Thank you for being a Comcast Customer!


Mark C.
Comcast Executive Offices

Anonymous said...

Comcast is the pits. Good luck. We are disconnecting our TV access as soon as we can figure out how to do that and still keep the cable. We never watch TV and that works out to about $35 a show when we do watch. We are the only ones in the family who have TV and it just isn't worth the expense and aggravation. Besides which, there is absolutely nothing worth watching on TV anyway. Maybe if we all opted out they would make some shows worth watching.

Anna May said...

Thanks for the comment, Roseanna. I wonder if they read yours too. And then they upped the price too. Hummm!!

I watch too much TV. But, that's just me. I would have a tough time doing without.