Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's getting warmer!

How about this weather today!? Not near as cold. It still gets pretty cool overnight, but warming up in the day makes up for it. We walked today. It was really nice.

Have been getting a little yard work done. Very little. It is so full of acorns, tiny thin twigs from the Hickory Trees, and Hickory hulls and the decorative grass is to be trimmed at the ground about the first of March. . I've almost filled three large bags, and I'm only about half finished with the raking.

Did my volunteer work today. Major Williams was in the office this a.m. With the long sleeve shirt, I couldn't see the bandages.

Did Annie get her dog? The last I looked, she hadn't posted today.

It wasn't that much to post about, but at least y'all know I'm still alive.


Annie said...

Martin is bringing the dog home from work with him today(Friday!)

Anna May said...

Great! I feel and hope that you will post a picture of this lovely creature whenever it is possible to do so. I don't remember seeing any of this breed. So, I'll be interested to see what they look like.