Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New email address

Now that Comcast is having everyone set up their email with them, I have a new address. It follows: grannieannie39@comcast.net . If I haven't sent you an email about this, then maybe you will want to make this note. I still have to change it with blogger.

Betty visited me yesterday. She has some scrubbies and wanted to know if they were crocheted or knitted. Well, they were crocheted. I tried to show her how to make new ones. I hope that if she gets stuck, she'll ask for help.

If anyone wants any crocheted dishcloths, I have several for sale. Or, if you know if anyone that needs any, have them contact me. Thanks.

I think I have a new sewing machine. Well, it's not new-new, but new to me. A lady I've done some work for has it and doesn't have time to use it. She wants to trade for work. I'm for that one. A couple weeks ago I went to Rossville to that new quilt shop there to check out their embroidery machines. Loved them, but couldn't justify that much money. The lady today suggested I go on ebay. That maybe I could find one there. Duh!!!!! Guess who is going to be on ebay a lot for awhile.


Annie said...

This is how you add a picture of Snookums: When you're making your new post, along the top of the text area is a line of buttons that are the color/size of the text, the text alignment, spell check, links, etc. There is one button that looks like it might be a mountain or something, and that is your "add image" button. You click on that, and it asks you to pick an image from your computer. You click on "browse" and it should take you to your pictures that are on your computer. From there you just select whichever picture of Snookums you want to post, and align it how you want (three choices: left, right, center) and press "upload image." Then it'll take a second to upload it, you hit "done" and there you have it! The only annoying thing about it is that sometimes adding an image messes up the spacing on your post, and it's also easy to accidentally erase the image once you've added it, when you're fixing the spacing. But you'll get it.

Anna May said...

Thanks, Annie, I'll try to post a picture when I have time. It will probably be a couple of days. But, thanks for taking the time to teach me how to do that.

Yes, Carmen is pregnant again and due probably the end of August. So, now I get to go to Norfolk again, probably in September. Maybe it's best my trip to Alaska has been called off.