Monday, March 17, 2008

Did We Have a Lazy Weekend???

In checking the other blogs, I didn't really find any new posts. Everyone was either lazy or out doing something with all that nice sunshine we had. However, there was a skiff of snow on the ground yesterday morning when I took Snookums out. And, it was a cooler day. The walk was nice.

The news today said they had something like 4 inches of snow in Flagstaff, AZ yesterday. What a mess that was. It's really bad when something like that happens in a place like that. It's probably melted by now.

Was able to clean some of my yard on Thursday. This week looks pretty busy. Maybe it'll warm up enough that I'll be able to get more of it cleaned. Have a chiropractor appointment this a.m. Tomorrow I need to go to the funeral home. Denny Kochert died. When those boys were young, I babysat with them. Wednesday evening I have a meeting. On Thursday I will do my volunteer work. Also have some sewing to finish. So, I should stay pretty busy. Need to walk somewhere in there.

Talked to Steve last evening. Jerry is on his own now. Good for both. Also talked to Steve about all of us going to Turkey Run one day fairly soon. I don't get to see those kids very often. When I'm down there, they are usually with their dad. So, this would be a good time to do that one.

Last year I wanted to take Kaylyn to Turkey Run, and even said something to Rocky about it. Then my Plantar Fasciitis got a hold of me, and I was having troubles just walking. So, now I need to take her there for a day sometime this summer. It's really a nice park and, for those who like walking trails, that's the place to do it. It's not that far away. Pack a lunch and it can be a fun day for not a lot of money.

I guess I'm not going to get to go to Alaska. Can't find anyone to go with me. Then with the price of gas what it is today, I'm not sure this is the time to go. Things usually work out for the best.

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