Friday, March 28, 2008

Read the comments on my last post!!

Well, I think I shook the bush. My last post was read by Comcast and they commented. So, anyone that is interested just might want to read those comments. It doesn't commit to anything, but they now know that some people don't like their way of doing things.

I don't like the way their email works. They need to make it more user friendly. I was accustomed to Insight and really liked it. But now when I click on Compose, I don't get my address list. And they said that my address book would move over and it didn't. When I go to my address book, it says that it's empty. I've even clicked on "Save address" and it still doesn't do any good. I realize that each time we get something new, it takes a little getting use to, but this is ridiculous. I do not find it user friendly. I still think I should have gone to gmail.

And another thing, they are charging us for two months the first month. I wonder how many people will get a one month's rebate when they stop the service. I really think I paid one month in advance to insight and now I've paid two months in advance. Wow!!! I think the whole town ought to rebel. I still think Comcast stinks. (I wonder if I'll get another response.)

I also want to thank Annie for being to patient to tell me how to post a picture of Snookums. I need to take a picture of her first. I have one as wallpaper, but can't seem to find it anywhere to be able to post it. Oddly enough, she doesn't like her picture taken. Oh, well.

At least it getting a little warmer these days. I still have a little cleaning of the yard to do. Hope it gets warm enough to be able to finish it.

Just lately I had to use the services of our new Animal Control Officer. That officer is Randy Hale, an ex-policeman. He is an animal lover himself and a really nice person. When I contacted him (by email) he took care of the situation. I mean, the bad situation is gone. He went and talked to the people involved and everything is now quiet. If it stays that way, it will be great.
So, a big thanks to Randy.


Annie said...

Aw, she's a modest girl. :) I can send you an invite to gmail if you want... I really like it. I prefer it to any other email service I've used. It's super basic and user-friendly. The address book I find a little annoying (I can never find it on the first try) but other than that, I really like it. Weird that you have to be invited... but I've got loads of invites to send, so I'll send you one if you want to try it out!

Anna May said...

Thanks, Annie, but right now I'm still working with Comcast and want to see if I can conquer this. Yesterday, the guy from Comcast was really nice and very helpful. My guess is he's reading this too. But, would like to see if it will all work for me. Also, I've emailed everyone about my address change, and don't really want to do it again in such a short period of time. So, if later I decide to do that, I'll let you know. Thanks so mush for the offer.