Monday, March 31, 2008

I met Max yesterday.

Yesterday was not very busy, but interesting. About 11 a.m. I decided to go to the mall. Walked the mall once and stopped in at Macy's. They had some good sales....50% and 75% off. I found a pair of slacks, tried the on, and the zipper was broken. Also found a sweater, a emerald green, crew neck, long sleeves and cables up and down it. The price was $12.75. I took the pair of pants to them and told them the zipper didn't work. She rang up the sweater, put another tag on it, and told me I owed twenty-two or twenty-three dollars. I told her it was only 12.75. looked at the tag, and the price was covered. I then told her I didn't want the sweater. That might be the last time I go to Macy's.

In the afternoon it was so warm I raked the yard for awhile. I still had a decent size section to finish. Well, I raked until it started to rain. Then I had to come in. Didn't quite get it finished. It won't take long to do so. Snookums was out with me. She was ready to come in too, she doesn't like the rain.

About 5 I went over to Gene and Lori's to meet Max. Max is the prettiest black dog. Max will be two in June. He has some Chow, some Lab and there is something else in this pup. He has the longest, softest coat that I've ever seen on a dog. I should have taken my camera. Never thought of it. Max had been at the shelter for 6 months. They were getting ready for a kill and Lori's friend called her and said that it would be a shame to put this dog down. Would they want it. They met with them and took the dog. This friend said that few people want black dogs. That they kill mostly black dogs. What a shame. It's neat that they saved him. It's neat that Annie and Martin have adopted their dog.

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Annie said...

That's exactly WHY we got our black dog! We'd heard the same thing, than nobody wants the Big Black Dogs--they call it BBD Syndrome! I'm glad they got theirs! I don't know about Max, but Karenin is a great dog.