Friday, August 10, 2007

A little cooler today

It was a little cooler today. Still no rain. Yet too hot to move stuff into my shed. Maybe tomorrow.

Finished that western shirt today. She seemed happy with it. Also shortened two pair jeans for Carla (at the jail). Now I have 4 shirts to take up for a lady. Then I'm going to quit until after this reunion. I need to clean out the garage and then clean the house. Also need to water the lawn so it looks decent for the party.

Finally it was cool enough to take Snookums for a walk tonight. She was ready. The last time I walked her was last weekend. It's time to have her nails cut again.

Have a plumber coming on Monday. Have an outside faucet leaking, the stool in the guest bathroom is leaking and the handle on the tub in the same bathroom is broken. Have to fix that.

Need to get Tom over here to get that bed made. Then I will have the office/bedroom set up like I want it.

I lead an exciting life, don't I?

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