Monday, August 27, 2007

The party was a success.

It's Monday, and I'm tired. Didn't get out of bed until 8 a.m. Tried three times to take a nap, but it didn't work. Had to go see my Chiropractor just now. My foot is better because of the visits. So, will keep going to get the thing fixed.

The party went off very well yesterday. There were a total of 18 (counting me) here. Ginger Jenkinson Klimisch, Mary Lou Francis Mailloux, Judy DeLion Rausch, Connie Krabbe Lux (and husband David), Donna Wilson Reynolds, Donna Simpson Ubelhor, Carolyn Brettnacher Riley, Patty Mackey Petty, Joan Brooks Lods, Patty Connor Peterson (and husband Jim), Fred Reiss, Ricki Gillaspy Platt, Deidra Simison Sarjent, Michael Lockard (and wife Pam) and me.

We had so much food it was a sin. We ate, talked about school days and since. Fred and Patty are cousins. Something I didn't know. I had some old school stuff, Mike brought pictures and a booklet we made, probably in the 8th grade. I have everyone of my report cards. Both diploma's. At one time there were about 10 to 14 people in my little bedroom just looking at memorbilia and talking. Fred walked to the door with Mike, saw all those women in there and said, "Hey, Mike, all these women, just you and me, and in a bedroom besides. Let's shut the door."

The only thing I didn't get done in time for the party was to mow the grass. It needed it too. But, I'm only one and that's that.

Now, it's get back to the sewing , I think I have about 6 jobs waiting for my attention. Lori called today, she has some sewing for me. Back to the old grind.

I'm so happy that my party was such a success. Everyone thanked me and told me how cute my house is. They all asked about my furniture. Pam liked it too.

It's too late to try to get a nap. Lori is going to be here about 4:15. I need to get dished done.

Enough for today.

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