Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A very, very hot day!!!

Yes, it's been a very hot day. On Time and Temp they are saying it's 103. And, when it is hot, I get very lazy. Sometimes that's not good.

This is the day I usually go to the Sheriff's Department. It has turned out to be a very nice volunteer job. It's just busy work, but it gives them some relief. The lady I assist is so swamped, she can't see over the mound of work.

I should have mowed some of the yard, but the heat kept me from doing that. My Plantar Fasciitis is getting better, too. That is a relief in itself. And mowing the yard doesn't usually help it any.

I had an oak tree die last year. Last fall a couple of guys cut it down for me. They just dropped it because I wanted the wood. Gene helped me cut it up and we stacked it. I broke up all the twigs for kindlin'. I had to clean out the space were I had thrown it so I could have the shed built. Have been restacking it kinda behind the shed. Had a really nice, neat stack going. Guess what happened. It fell over. Talk about being depressed....well, just plain mad is what I was. Now I will need to do it again. But won't until the weather cools off some, well, quite a bit, really.

I need to get the cuffs on that western shirt yet tonight. Except for the hem it will be finished.

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