Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Not a bad day!

Thank the Lord for today. It is much cooler, doing some raining, but much cooler and that is the blessing I have been looking for. It's been too hot to do any work outside. I have begun to water the grass some. Only because it was brown and I would like for it to be a little greener for my party. The rain today, altho not much yet, should help.
I'm finally getting a little room in my garage. Have been moving stuff to the shed. In between rain showers, that is. Nice to have the room to do so. It makes a person feel so good.
I now need more room in my sewing room. Finding stuff in storage that I forgot I had. Oh, well. Maybe I'll put some of it in a garage sale. Come Saturday, I'll have to do more cleaning in the garage. That way if people going to garage sales sees stuff setting out, maybe they'll think I'm having a sale too. I could get rid of a few items. Wouldn't that be nice. The room and the money are the nice things about it.
Am taking Snookums to the vet to have her nails trimed today. They are really long, the front ones, that is. I also need a refill on her heartworm medicine. I usually get a six months supply.
What a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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