Friday, August 24, 2007

Not much that's new

Nothing much is new. Have been working all day yesterday cleaning house. I hadn't been doing anything to keep it clean. There has been so much else going on. So, now it's catch-up time. Still have two windows to clean and the blinds on them. Then wash Snookums nose prints off other windows. Wash the light fixtures in the kitchen and living room.

The kitchen is next. It's really a mess. The floor is too. Snookums isn't too clean.

The thing at the Frozen Custard is today. I think I also need to see the Chiropractor again today. The foot is really a lot better this morning. I guess I'll see how that lasts with all the work I need to do today. Maybe another adjustment is what I really need.

Need to go take Snookums for her walk. It rained again last night. The grass is so wet, I'll have to stay on the sidewalks. She won't, but I will.

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