Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rain, rain, rain, we love you!

It rained yesterday. A lot of rain. It was puddleing in my yard. It just never does that. Thanks God for the rain. It was much needed here. The ground had good size cracks in it.

It is suppose to rain again today. I am going to do my volunteer job today instead of tomorrow. I need to wash my mini blinds and need a day of no rain to do so. Hopefully I can do that tomorrow.

Party plans are moving right along. Will spend probably two days cleaning house. The garage needs a little help yet. Then it'll have to do as is. It will be a busy weekend. And a lot of fun.

Went to see my Chiropractor yesterday. She said that Plantar Fasciitis is caused because the back is not in line. It affects the Fascia. She may need to use acupuncture on it to fix it. Which she claims it will. Hopefully. Need to tell Betty so she can tell her two girls that have been affected by this in the past.

Tom was to come on Saturday and finish the bed. He spaced it. Shame on him. He is to come here tonight and finish it. Thanks heavens. I want to get this room finished so bad.

My life is so exciting, I bet you are on pins and needles waiting to hear what I'm doing next. Till next time.


Sarah said...

I'm glad you got a blog!! I linked you on mine!

SamG said...

No way in Hades am I going to go with acupuncture. I walked it away once and will do so again (if it every shows up again).

I pretty much want to smack the nurse when I have to get a shot. I HATE NEEDLES.